Update: May 5, 2020

If you have not applied or have not yet been approved for an SBA PPP loan, apply by clicking the button below.

Note: Eastern Union is not able to provide guidance or assistance with any matters related to PPP loan forgiveness. Please consult an attorney or accountant. 


If you have any questions, please email ppp@easternunion.com


We are advising everybody who has previously submitted a SBA-PPP application through Kabbage to continually check your Kabbage Application Dashboard for updates being posted. You may only receive certain notifications on the dashboard, and not via email.

Failure to monitor the dashboard frequently and act on the updates, which may include requests for additional documentation, can possibly jeopardize your loan from being funded.

You may also try calling Kabbage directly for a manual review of your application readiness. Please keep in mind they are experiencing an extremely high call volume.

Kabbage Support: 888-351-3143
Mon – Fri: 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sat – Sun: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m

If your status is still not yet approved, you can try applying through this link which may be approved before your pending application. Click Here To APPLY NOW


The SBA-PPP loan program has been overwhelmingly successful. Thousands of loans were approved and many clients received funds. The faster your loan application is submitted, the greater chance you have of getting funded. Click Here To APPLY NOW


As anticipated, numerous clients have reached out and asked that we expedite the funding process. Eastern Union and Cross River Bank are both working expeditiously to help the many applicants obtain this loan. Naturally, there are many obstacles that we are traversing and solving as the process moves forward.

The reality of such an unprecedented  situation complicates things. This is a government-backed program and we must adjust to the realities, and frequently changing guidelines, by the hour. The government does things without requesting input from people in the trenches -- from the brokers, to the lenders, to the applicants. The result is that some loan applicants end up ahead of others in the queue for no specific reason -- simply as unintended beneficiaries of last-minute government changes.


If you did not already receive an approval saying your loan was approved by SBA or issued an E-TRAN number -- you may want to fill out a new application with this link. 
Click Here To APPLY NOW 

You may be wondering why you would consider applying again if you've already applied for an SBA-PPP loan. The answer is that as SBA guidelines change, banks are upgrading their application process. The link we are providing on this page can in many cases get an approval faster than current loan applications that are pending.


There has been a lot of talk about forgiveness. Many of these guidelines are still being adjusted and not an area Eastern Union specializes in. If you require guidance regarding forgiveness, we advise you to speak with a trained accountant or lawyer regarding all forgiveness related issues.

For those of you who were not part of the many applicants approved through Eastern Union, we genuinely understand your concern, and ask that you take the above into account and reapply for your SBA-PPP loan with this link:
Click Here To APPLY NOW 


We pledge to do everything possible to help you obtain your loan from the second round of SBA-PPP funding being released. As stated originally: If you deal with a bank providing SBA-PPP loans, and the bank is taking applicants, apply directly with that bank. However, as the article above indicates, the outcome may not necessarily be faster or better.


If you know of anyone still in need of a SBA-PPP loan, please be sure to share this link with them: https://sba-ppp.com

On behalf of Eastern Union -- stay healthy, stay safe, and stay positive!

Ira Zlotowitz 

Mobile: (917) 597-2197



Eastern Union is focusing only on FORGIVABLE SBA-PPP LOANS. If you are seeking Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) funding -- a type of UNFORGIVABLE LOAN that can provide up to $2 million in funding for fixed business costs -- click here.

Eastern Union is not affiliated with ELEVATE and this is for informational purposes only.


Why choose Eastern Union as your Preferred Broker for obtaining the SBA-PPP loan?

You can apply for the SBA-PPP loan at any bank. Eastern Union, however, is a Preferred Broker. There is no cost whatsoever to have Eastern Union represent you. We will tap into our powerful network of banking resources to cut through the red tape and make your loan approval process faster and simpler.

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IMPORTANT: The SBA-PPP loan program guidelines are being released and subject to change. Eastern Union will be updating this website frequently. Be sure to revisit our FAQ section for the latest updates. If you have a specific question not addressed in this FAQ section, email ppp@easternunion.com and the SBA-PPP loan team will reply.

Click here to download the SBA's official rules for SBA PPP loans >>>


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